R9 series Power Controls
R2 Metal round,22Ø,Aluminium alloy(Anodic treatment)
22Ø金屬款 鋁合金陽極處理
Made of nylon,fiber and fireproof material
IP65 waterproof,oil-proof,dustproof
防水 防油 防塵

■Product introduction
R9 series European standard IP65 is waterproof, oil proof and dustproof.
Modular combination structure, a single control element is composed of three parts: operation part, connection part and contact. The form change is flexible.
The contacts can be conveniently combined into 1A+1B, 2A+2B, 4A+4B.
The slow-acting double-disconnecting contact and the unique automatic cleaning function provide a wide range of open and close currents and high reliability. All indicator units are equipped with super bright solid color LED lamp beads, which have excellent anti-interference performance and electrical life of tens of thousands of hours. Accessories include dustproof, waterproof, oil-proof mask for rubber, protective cover for transparent plastic, emergency stop switch cover, contact holders 1A, 1B, 1A+1B, 2A, 2B.

R9系列歐規 IP65 防水、防油、防塵。

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