ELECTRONIC COMPONENT / ELECTRONIC PARTIndicator LightLED Indicator Light / Neon Indicator Light / Pilot Indicator Light / Incandescent Indicator LightTungsten-filament Indicator Light / Indicator Light Holder / DIP Switch / Instrument Box / Instrument CaseToggle Switch / Lever Switch / Rocker Switch / Paddle Switch / Pushbutton Switch / Push Switch / Keyboard SwitchTactile Switch / Tact Switch / Micro Switch / Slide Switch / Detector Switch / Composite Control SwitchMiniature Switch / Sub-Miniature Switch / Mini Switch / 2 in 1 Switch (Rocker Switch + Circuit Breaker)Auto Switch / Marine Switch / Circuit Breaker / Thermostat / Fuse Holder
Terminal BlockEurostyle PCB Type / Plug In Type / Screwless Type / High Power Type / Wire to PCB Type / Slide TypePiano Type / Edge Actuated Type / Edge Actuated SMT Type / Right Angle TypeHalf Pitch SMT Type (The Lowest Profile DIP Switch) / Machine Insertable Type / Auto Inserting TypeSMT Type / Auto Inserting SMT Type / End-Stackable Type / End-Stackable SMT Type / Tri State Type / Rotary TypeConnectorFPC/FFC Connectors / Board To Board Connectors / Board To Wire Connectors / Card ConnectorsI/O Connectors / Battery Connectors
AC SocketIEC 320 C6 AC Receptacles Power Inlet / IEC 320 C8 AC Receptacles Power InletIEC 320 C13 AC Receptacles Power Outlet / IEC 320 C14 AC Receptacles Power InletIEC 320 C14 AC Receptacles Power Inlet with 5 x 20mm Fuse HolderDC SocketDC Power Jack / DC Power PlugRCA Connector / RCA Plug / RCA Jack / Earphone / Microphone Jack / Earphone / Microphone PlugRelayReed Relay / Optical Relay / Solid State Relay / Electromechanical Relay
CONTROL COMPONENT / CONTROL UNITψ22mm & ψ30mm Pushbutton Switch / ψ22mm & ψ30mm Illuminated Pushbutton Switchψ22mm & ψ30mm Indicator Light / ψ22mm & ψ30mm Selector Switch / ψ22mm & ψ30mm Emergency SwitchRelay / Programmable Operator Interfaces / Bar Code Reader / Temperature Controller / Counter / TimerProgrammable Logic Controller / PLC / Foot Switch / Photoelectric Switch / Proximity Switch / Limit Switch
HOUSEHOLD SWITCHWall Switch / Wall Receptacle / Foot Switch / Remote Switch


INdicator Light 指示燈

Indicator Light22Ø Indicator Light IP65

Switch 開關

TS706Toggle SwitchSub-Miniature Toggle SwitchMiniature Toggle Switch
Medium Toggle SwitchRocker Switch
SinglePole Rocker Switch
Sub-Miniature Rocker SwitchSub-Miniature Rocker Switch – yh seriesMiniature Rocker Switch
Miniature Rocker Switch – yh seriesPush Button SwitchAutomotive Switch
Warning Light
Slide SwitchRotary Switch304 seriesCord Line Switch

Automatic control 自動控制

Push Button Switch 按鈕開關

22Ø,25Ø,30Ø Push Button Switch16Ø Push Button Switch SeriesCOB Waterproof Lifting Button Switch

Metal Button Switch 金屬按鈕開關

EJ Metal Button SwitchEJ-M Ultra Short Metal Button25Ø Metal Button Switch Series
J series tricolor light metal buttonSpecial symbol metal button

Connectors 連接器

465 seriesScrewless terminal block

Circuit Breaker 斷路器 / Instrument Box 儀器盒

Circuit BreakerInstrument Box

Foot switch 腳踏開關

Electric Foot switchWater pedal faucet