S1 埋地型
Buried Pedal Faucet
Foot switch

S3A 外露型 (斜板造型)
Exposed Pedal Faucet
Foot switch

S3B 外露型 (帽子造型)
Exposed Pedal Faucet
Foot switch

就衛生方面: 在公共場所可避免觸摸水龍頭,杜絕細菌傳染。
就省水方面: 可節省因旋轉水龍頭時所浪費之1/3的水源。
就免用電方面: 採機械式原理,不需接電源。
就材質方面: 以青銅製成,埋於地下堅固耐用。


腳踏式水龍頭 — 依”特性“可分為兩種類型

It is presses the control using the foot to substitute for tradition -like Wei Yu to install. 
On hygienic aspect: May avoid in the public place touching the water cock, reduces the bacterium infection. 
On province water aspect: May save when revolves the water cock 1/3rd water source waste. 
Exempts uses electricity the aspect: Picks the mechanical type principle, 
does not have to meet the power source. 
On material quality aspect: To the bronze makes, buries underground to firm is durable. Is suitable the place: 
The general family and the public bathhouse, like the hospital, the dental clinic, the big hotel, 
three warm -are warm, the dining room, the hotel, 
the factory, the park, the theater, the school, the department store, –
the rest station, the office block and the recreation area and so on. 
Treadons the type water cock — to be possible to divide into two kind of types according to “characteristic”

  • 公用型:(一段式) 腳一踏水就來,腳一放水即關。(瞬間止水)
  • 家用型:(二段式) 腳一踏水就來,再踏一次水即關。
    ————–(同電燈開關原理 , 兼具 S1之功能)

Public: (Section of types) the foot as soon as treads the water to come, 
the foot as soon as turns on the water is a pass. 
(Instantaneous stops water) home use: (Two sections of types) the foot as soon as treads the water to come, 
again treads time of Shui Chikuan. – 
(With electric lamp switch principle, function of the concurrently S1)


(僅浮於地面 15mm的橡膠球)

Merit: —
1. Treasures the water quality source.
2. Conforms with the populace health demand.
3. Avoids the disease infecting.
4. The mechanical type principle, exempts uses electricity. (Cannot have power cut to lack water risk of)
5. Buries to underground, does not occupy the space.  (Only floats to the ground 15mm rubber ball)
6. Conforms with the kinesiology, the use is simple.
7. The instantaneous boiling water and closes the water, saves the water to reduce effort.
8. Services simple, but own service.
9. May match any modelling the water outlet.

Treadons the type water cock
Infrared induction main item
The tradition transfers the type main item
A衛生/Health 高/High 高/High 低/Low
Province river character
高/High 中上/Center on 低/Low
  Service cost
低/Low 高/High 中等/Medium
A價位/Price position 中等/Medium 高/High 低/Low
Connects the power source
否/No 是/Yes 否/No
Bathroom moisture influence
否/No 是/Yes 否/No
A穩定性/Stability 高/High 低/Low 高/High
A方便性/Convenience 高/High 高/High 低/Low
A故障率/Failure rate 低/Low 高/High 中等/Medium

公用型腳踏式水龍頭:(一段式) 腳一踏水就來,腳一放水即關。(瞬間止水) 
Public treadons the type water cock: (Section of types) the foot as soon as treads the water to come, the foot as soon as turns on the water is a pass. (Instantaneous stops water)

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