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Indicator Light

Bomin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

     specializes in developing and manufacturing indicator light. More than 30 years of industry related experience, development of various electronic components, automatic control related products Establish a diversified product portfolio.

     On customer product integration, construct a diverse supply chain of electrical and electronic equipment to provide customers with more and  better products.

Create mutual benefit and win-win.
Products are sold to five continents

Asia: China, Japan, India.
Europe: Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia.
Africa: Egypt, South Africa.
Americas: United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada.
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.

Waterproof indicator light, metal indicator light, plastic indicator light Waterproof rocker switch, instrument box, knob cover Metal push button switch, rocker switch, rocker switch Push button switch, foot switch, slide switch

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